Employee of the Month - March, 2010

  Customer Service Award
Tammi Kramer, Commercial Collector, Support Center-Reimbursement Department, Palatine, IL

Tammi is a team player and went out of her way to help one of our clients and family. We had a 48 year old returning client with brain cancer. There was an insurance issue in servicing the client. Our office was told that the client had a very large co-pay for each visit performed. The family could not afford this as the medical bills were mounting. I called upon Tammi and her expertise. She felt something was inaccurate about the insurance information we were given. Tammi picked up the phone, called the client’s wife and conference-in the insurance company. Tammi was correct. We were given incorrect information. The co-pay was a small amount per day and the family could afford this amount. Thank you Tammi for being a team player and caring about our Addus clients! You are awesome!

  Health and Wellness Award
Lori Murray, HCA, Quincy, IL, Home & Community Services.

Lori has been with the Quincy office since October 2009, she has received numerous compliments from her clients on her professionalism and work ethic. A family member of one of her clients sent me a letter that really sums up Lori’s commitment to her work. Quote, “I am Bill’s sister. I have spent some time helping care for him and know firsthand what it takes. I want to congratulate you on your caregiver Lori Murray. She is very efficient and thorough as she multi-tasks. She is very caring to my brother and his wife. She prepares nourishing and tasty meals, using a variety of menus. I thank your company and Lori for the good care she provides. This makes it possible for them to remain in their home. Thanks again, Wava.” For this wonderful testimonial to what Lori does 6 days a week, she deserves being “Employee of the Month”.

Inger Richmond, HCA, Joliet, IL, Home & Community Services

On March 29th, Inger was working at the Crete Senior Residence taking care of her client when a fire broke out in the building. Despite the danger, Inger remained with her client who had recently undergone knee surgery and could not walk until firemen were able to remove the client from her room. Both the client and Inger were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. The client was kept overnight for observation and Inger was discharged. Despite this trauma, Inger returned to work the next day. During this emergency, other Addus employees stepped up to help. Rosalyn Van Dyke and Liz Molinari, Addus Coordinators, were able to regularly communicate and update HCAs in the field where other Addus clients were living in the building. Addus Field Supervisor Scott Henderson also played a vital role traveling to the fire scene and communicating to all that our clients in the building were safe from harm.

I am particularly proud of how my team handled this emergency incident. Thank you to Inger, who stayed behind to take care of her client and to Rosalyn, Liz and Scott for their excellent handling of communication in this emergency. Addus is proud and fortunate to have you as employees.

Tammy Vargas, HCA, Marion, IL, Private Duty

I have received numerous compliments from our clients about Tammy and the outstanding job she is doing. One of the clients said that Tammy is so wonderful with her father who has Alzheimer’s. He waits for her to come each day and lights up when she comes into the room. Tammy is very dependable, reliable and professional. A wonderful caregiver in every way.


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