Employee of the Month - February, 2011

    Customer Service Award

Rhonda Anderson, Office Manager/Reception, Coeur d’Alene, ID/Home & Community Services

Rhonda consistently performs her administrative duties professionally and with a high degree of customer service. She handles all difficult calls that come into the office calmly and always follows up on issues. She assists with payroll entry and keeps track of all our field employee requirements and makes sure we are compliant with company policies and State regulations. We could not do without her harmonious and cooperative spirit.

    Health and Wellness Award

Vanessa Lister, Home Care Aide, Quincy, IL/Home & Community Services

I am nominating Vanessa for her outstanding field work in the Quincy office. She is caring, with a great deal of compassion, always on time and always going the extra mile. One of her private duty clients had been extremely difficult and challenging with several episodes of being physically ill. But she never faltered. She stayed calm, cleaning and keeping the client as comfortable as possible. Always giving of herself over and over again. She truly does exemplify Addus Achieves each and every day.


June Wilson, Home Care Aide, Moline, IL/Home & Community Services

A dedicated, hard working employee who never says never. During one of our February snow storms this year, June’s car was snowed in like everyone in town. That did not stop June. One of her client’s actually lived 3 blocks from her home. She decided that since she could not drive to the client she would walk. She walked the 3 blocks in 18 inches of snow and made sure the client was taken care of.
That’s dedication. Thank you.


Roxanne Williams, Clinical Support Coordinator and Marc Harbin, Account Executive, Harrisburg, PA/ Home Health

I want to acknowledge the care and quick thinking of 2 employees. A newly admitted client was assumed not at home when the Physical Therapist went for the visit. Roxanne tried calling the client and there was no answer. There were no other contact numbers for this client. Roxanne became concerned and knowing that Marc was in the area of the client, asked if he could stop by to check on the client. Upon arrival Marc heard the patient calling for help. Marc found a way into the home. The patient had fallen from the wheelchair and had been lying on the floor for 2 days. He called the EMS and the client was taken to the hospital for care. If it was not for their quick thinking and actions the client could have passed. Thank you for your wonderful deed.


December, 2010 (Cindy Vick, Bethyl Churchwill, Frank Howser, Amber Lawson)

November, 2010 (Norma Suarez, Kelly Fulton, Tammy Fulton, Shamiko Stephens)

October, 2010 (Sharon Rascon,  Dawn Byrley, Amy Martin, Christina Weibley)

September, 2010 (Jerry Lewis, Vernell Flowers, Edna Smith, Jackie Soulivong)

August, 2010 (Amy Sinchak, Gabe Stanton, George Judson, Pat Deming)

July, 2010 (Sandy Neighbors, Mary Dozier, Barbara Beamon, Angela Irons, Sheree Toney)

June, 2010 (Barbara Burlingame, Kathy Frye, Elizabeth Moscardon, Michael Recker)

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March, 2010 (Tammi Kramer, Lori Murray, Inger Richmond, Tammy Vargas)

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May, 2009 (Pat Capriotti, Tara Brown, Sharon Johns, Sandra Robbins)

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February, 2009 (Shannon Gilman, Holly Barnes, Kadijah Lewis, Pat Sederwall)

January, 2009 (Janet McKinney, Jennifer Canady & Kathie Barthelemy,Colleen Mickles & Felicia Jackson, Cathy Moulton)

December, 2008 (Caroline Gastelum, Felicia Jackson, Tim Smith, Beatrice Turner)

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July, 2008 (Wanda Kullas, Martha Granados, Kim Sligar, Sugey Vargas)

June, 2008 (Debbie Bowen, Shanta Chaney, Lana Beach, Don Roger)

May, 2008 (Carla Resh, Maria Acevedo, Lisa Brinkerhoff, Anesia Smith)

April, 2008 (Tara Alvarado, Leacey Connell, Lynda Dexter, Gene McAdoo)

March, 2008 (Stephanie Gomez, Melissa Arnold, Mary Hood, Gabe Porta)
February, 2008 (Kris Gumprecht, Sateesh Chandra, Sallie Tarawollie, Catherine Washington)

January, 2008 (Judy Bordner, Thelma Argo, Leslie Crowder, Robert Hughes)


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