Since 2009, Addus has employed students each summer from several midwestern universities, including Indiana, Northwestern, Iowa, DePaul, Wisconsin, Butler and Northern Illinois. We believe this internship program is mutually beneficial – providing Addus talented resources to assist with special projects and initiatives, while also providing the students valuable practical experience in the operations of a home care business.

Each year, we have been very impressed with the confidence, maturity and solid work ethic our interns have demonstrated, as well as their diligence, attention to detail and results-orientation in completing challenging projects. They asked thoughtful questions and were consistently courteous and professional in their contacts with Addus managers and outside organizations. We thoroughly enjoyed working with our interns and, based on their feedback, are confident they found the experience equally rewarding. We are proud to present the following profiles of where our former interns have landed and how their experience with Addus played a role in their career development.

Where are they now?


Kinga Gacek

Loyola University
National Contracts and Business Development Intern – 2014

My internship at Addus provided me with firsthand experience in business development and allowed me to take part in exciting projects that effected company growth. I had the opportunity to work on intricate assignments that challenged me and greatly enhanced my analytical skills. My experience at Addus has provided me with the skills that I need in order to transition into my career at Deloitte.

Current PositionDeloitte, Global Mobility Consultant


Brianna Bower

Pennsylvania State University
Human Resources Intern – 2014

My Human Resources internship provided a well rounded experience and allowed me to explore the many facets of HR. As a Health Policy and Administration major, I was able to apply the knowledge I gained at school in the field of healthcare to the working world. Addus gave me the tools to gain practical experience in the field of HR through major projects that were used to advance the business as well as gave me a foundation for what to expect in an entry-level job in the healthcare field.

Current PositionFTD (LaSalle), Junior Recruiter


Jennie Buonaiuto

DePaul University
National Contracts and Business Development Intern – 2013

There were many things I enjoyed about my internship at Addus. I would say the close interaction with business leaders at the company was a great opportunity to learn from their experience and build my confidence in communicating with a variety of people in the workplace. This is something you can't find in many internship programs. Additionally, owning my own projects over the ten weeks helped me further develop my organizational skills.

Current PositionAon Hewitt (Benefits Administration), Business Delivery Specialist


Conan Ho

DePaul University
Human Resources Intern – 2013

My experience with Addus HomeCare was fantastic. It was my first step into becoming the business professional I want to be. I was given the opportunity to work on various projects that were meaningful to me and added value to the company. The HR managers also exposed me to traditional tasks an HR employee would perform which provided further insight into my desired profession. Not only was the work engaging but it was challenging. There were many positive aspects about my internship but the interaction with the employees was the most enjoyable. I felt like a part of the team because I was involved in critical decisions that truly affected the company. At the same time, everyone was kind and supportive. It was truly an unforgettable experience!

Current PositionCooper's Hawk Wine & Restaurant, Talent Acquisition Intern/Assistant


Taj Tarsha

DePaul University
Home & Community Services Intern – 2013

I had a wonderful experience as an Intern at Addus HomeCare. Everyone at the company from top to bottom was extremely nice and respectful and really helped me to grow during my internship. I was especially impressed by the level of exposure I had with the executive leadership team and the opportunity to work one-on-one with the CEO, CFO and SVP. Addus is doing great work and will continue to grow in the health care space.

Current PositionHuron Consulting Group, Analyst


Lindsay Roels

DePaul University
Accounting Intern – 2013

As a Finance and Accounting Intern, I had numerous experiences that have already benefitted me in my career as a CPA. From technical expertise, to exposure to internal and external audit & accounting procedures, to working directly with the CFO and other upper level management on a variety of projects, I believe my internship experience with Addus is what gave me the knowledge and experience to both receive my job offer as well as have a strong start in my current position. In addition to this, Addus leadership took a real interest in my career and went out of their way to support my full time job search after the internship ended. Without a doubt, my internship with Addus was an important factor to getting to where I am today.

Current PositionErnst & Young, LLP, Assurance Associate


Clay Blankinship

DePaul University
Home & Community Services Intern – 2012

My internship with Addus helped prepare me for my career by teaching me to be versatile and to wear many hats. I worked on everything from data mining to data analysis to designing internal reports. I received invaluable firsthand experience of working in a corporation that is fast paced and always on the move.

Current PositionIBM, Client Technical Specialist


Genevieve Feuer

Northwestern University
Human Resources Intern – 2012

My Human Resources Internship at Addus has been the catalyst for my early career. Addus gave me the opportunity to explore a new field and gain experience and knowledge that I never would have found in an undergraduate classroom.

Current PositionWeaver Boos Consultants, Human Resources Coordinator


Kyle Lopatin

Butler University
Information Technology Intern – 2012

My internship with Addus provided a great work experience that helped prepare me for my post-graduate career. The internship provided me with the opportunity to apply my coursework from school to real life situations and to actually make an impact with the work I was doing. Addus also did a great job of providing interns with exposure to executive management and getting us involved with the day-to-day operations of the business. I would highly recommend an internship with Addus to help get your career started on the right foot.

Current PositionMB Financial Bank, Commercial Credit Analyst


Sidarth Balaji

Northwestern University
Accounting & Finance Intern – 2012

My finance internship at Addus enabled me to gain practical experience in the healthcare industry and learn the operational aspects of a service provider. I was able to work on a broad range of finance projects with the finance and accounting team, including the CFO. My internship at Addus provided me with the background and experience to continue my career in the healthcare service industry into my position at Optum/UHG.

Current PositionOptum/UnitedHealth Group, Mergers and Acquisitions Analyst


Jaclyn Sima

Indiana University
Contracts/Business Development Intern – 2011

I had a wonderful experience during my internship with Addus and was able to use skills and concepts I had learned from my academic courses. My internship also provided me with the professional experience I needed to get a job right after graduation. I'm extremely grateful for the opportunities Addus provided me, as well as the wonderful connections I made throughout my time there.

Current PositionJPMorgan Chase, Personal Banker Management Program


Sean McHale

DePaul University
In-Home Care Services Intern – 2011

From my experience at Addus, I learned the essential knowledge of working with a team and building relationships from the ground up. I was given the advantage of learning the business and being able to work with several senior managers who enhanced my foresight into how I could add value.

I participated in monthly status calls and was exposed to the metrics that are used to quantify the business Addus runs. My thoughts and observations were always considered, and being able to take part in discussion with individuals that have such an excellent background gave me the necessary skills to get a great job upon graduation. Many thanks to everyone at Addus for the amazing opportunity and the great times I had while working there during my internship.

Current PositionkCura, Application Specialist


Dorothy Laskowski

DePaul University
Human Resources Intern – 2011

I currently hire 25 people every 8 weeks for a training program that we have. Addus helped me acquire real world experience in Human Resources and Recruiting that supplemented the knowledge I received in the classroom. The exposure I had to hiring and interviewing at Addus was a great opportunity for me to develop my skills, and has been very helpful as I begin my Recruitment career.

Current PositionGuaranteed Rate, Recruiter


Allen Pukshansky

DePaul University
Finance and Accounting Intern – 2011

I was fortunte to work in Addus’s Accounting Department during my internship where I supported the Controller and the CFO on various projects. Looking back, I am amazed how much I learned during my internship and how useful it became when I started my career at McGladrey. The experience I received while working at Addus, as well as the people I worked with, made my internship a very positive experience, and I am very grateful for the opportunity Addus gave me.

Current PositionMcGladrey LLP, Assurance Associate


Joe Widmar

Indiana University
In-Home Care Services Intern – 2010

As an intern for the In-Home Care Services division, I completed a wide variety of projects. The internship was fun and dynamic, and I was able to participate in high-level discussions with Company and industry leaders. Working directly for the Divisional Vice President, I was responsible for projects related to market share analysis and customer satisfaction, marketing and sales strategy and product development, and took part in industry related events like Older Adult Services Advisory Committee (OASAC) executive board meetings. During my time at Addus, I gained skills, experience, and knowledge to enrich my academic and professional potential.

Current, Business
Development Manager


Lauren Rodbro

Indiana University
Contracts/Business Development Intern – 2010

I currently work in men's dress shirts and neckwear with a team of a buyers, planners and assistant buyers to select the merchandise that goes into the Kohl's stores. I think the greatest benefit of the Addus internship was the help it gave me in developing my professional presence and confidence, which I put into practice when promoting myself in interviews for full time jobs. This ultimately led to me landing my current position at Kohl’s.

Current PositionKohl’s Corporate Buying Office, Merchandise Analyst


Andrew Bartolotta

Indiana University
Finance and Accounting Intern – 2010
Human Resources Intern – 2009

I had two very fulfilling internships at Addus. During my first summer, my internship in human resources allowed me to learn about being part of an organization and how the various facets of an organization work together. I also developed and taught a Microsoft Excel training class to Addus employees, which was fun and rewarding. After deciding to pursue a career in the accounting/finance field, Addus accommodated my aspirations by giving me a second internship in the Finance and Accounting Department. During this internship I was able to apply the knowledge I had acquired during my first three years of college to a real world setting, and learn more about the various responsibilities this department has in an organization. There's no question my internships with Addus provided a springboard for where I am today.

Current PositionGrant Thornton LLP, Auditor


Scott Holloway

Indiana University
Contracts/Business Development Intern – 2009

My experience at Addus was very memorable. I worked alongside Addus managers and executives in conducting due diligence and drafting documents in preparation for the Company's initial public offering. The internship provided me the opportunity to learn about corporate finance and governance in a very hands-on way. I appreciated the responsibilities I was charged with and was grateful for the level of access I had to senior members of the Company. The internship armed with me strong real world experience to round out my academic career.

Current PositionNorthern Trust Wealth Management Group, Investment Associate


Josh Wolfson

Indiana University
In-Home Care Services Intern – 2009

During my internship at Addus, I worked on a policy paper for the State of Illinois Older Adult Services Committee and performed several projects on various performance metrics for the branch offices. I also provided support to the Divisional Vice President in advocacy and marketing research projects.

Current PositionCleverbridge Advanced E-commerce, Business Development Manager