Mission Statement

Addus Passion

It is the primary mission of Addus HomeCare to improve the health and well-being of our consumers through the provision of quality, cost-effective health care services.

We will accomplish our goals by fostering an environment in which our employees enthusiastically support and advance our mission.

Reward for accomplishing our mission includes pride in our organization, contribution to the community and a reasonable profit.

Beliefs and Values

Our beliefs and values define who we are and what we believe in. They permeate all aspects of our operations and daily interactions and establish the guidelines and commitments for our behavior and work environment.

  • We make a difference
  • We do our best
  • We are kind and respectful
  • We are professional
  • We communicate
  • We keep our promises
  • We support health and wellness
  • We promote independence
  • We value diversity and teamwork
  • We are friendly and fun
  • We celebrate our everyday heroes
  • We care

We demonstrate our commitment to our beliefs and values through our pledge to:

  • Treat all of our consumers and each other with kindness, dignity and respect
  • Communicate openly and honestly, listen carefully and respond thoughtfully
  • Keep our promises – to our consumers, our payers and our fellow employees
  • Foster a spirit of cooperation and teamwork that values diversity in ideas and talents
  • Create a work environment that is friendly, fun, caring and sensitive to work/family balance
  • Recognize, praise and celebrate the efforts and achievements of our everyday heroes who help make our company great
  • Encourage continued professional growth through training and career mobility
  • Design and deliver a care model that promotes consumer independence and wellness
  • Refer other home care professionals who share our values to join the Addus team
  • Share who we are and what we do so more consumers can benefit from the Addus experience